Proven Leadership
You Can Trust

Jordan Miles

What I stand for:

  • Fiscal responsibility to maintain low taxes
  • Consistent communication with constituents
  • Investment and support for education
  • Promote economic development

Faith, trust and hard work have been instilled in me by my family, notably by my late grandparents, L.L. “Dick” Miles and Hazel Miles, who operated a general store for 40 years in the village of Glenmore. They, along with my father and mother, taught me that with these three principles, along with a positive attitude, can help you do just about anything you want — and now I want to represent you on the Board of Supervisors.  

Just as my grandfather was, I am a moderate Democrat. Like him, I stand for principled leadership, integrity, and faith in my fellow man and woman.

Though being a moderate Democrat, who is fiscally conservative may be my heritage, it is not a label that defines me. Being a public servant does.

miles reading to kids
Jordan Miles reads to preschool students at Buckingham Preschool.

Paid for and authorized by Miles For Maysville/
Thomas Jordan Miles III Campaign Fund.