My Vision For Buckingham

Miles and PSR Client with Congressman Denver Riggleman
Jordan Miles stands with Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman and a Piedmont Senior Resources’ home delivered meal client. Jordan has worked for many years with both Democrats and Republicans, bringing unity to causes important to the voters.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility to preserve low taxes;
  • Consistent communication with constituents and community stakeholders;
  • Promote economic development, job creation;
  • Seek to assist small businesses in expansion;
  • Be held accountable and also be accessible to the people;
  • Strive to make government more efficient in serving the people;
  • Collaborate with regional economic development and marketing entities, such as Buckingham Chamber of Commerce, Go Virginia, Virginia Growth Alliance, Commonwealth Regional Council, etc.;
  • Continue to invest in public education, its infrastructure and our county’s youth;
  • Seek to improve communications between the School Board and the members of the Board of Supervisors;
  • Work to maintain the historical integrity of Buckingham Court House Village; and
  • Seek to restart the Anti-Litter Task Force Committee

Paid for and authorized by Miles For Maysville/
Thomas Jordan Miles III Campaign Fund.

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