Months ago, it came to my attention that many landowners and homeowners in the Maysville District/District Four were concerned about their “Notice of 2020 Real Estate Assessment Change” from the County Reassessment Office, notably the increases in assessed values.

If you, as a taxpayer and homeowner or landowner, take issue with the assessment increase or decrease — I cannot stress this point enough — it is of the utmost importance for you to follow and understand the process by which you can appeal the assessment value.

The quick and short of it is that your values ARE NOT set in stone yet. Once the reassessment is completed, the values set by the assessors become the values used for taxing, subject to such changes can be made. You may appeal your assessment in writing or through a hearing with the Board of Equalization. The goal is of the assessment to maintain accuracy and consistency and to reflect current real estate market conditions.

According the Code of Virginia, the Board of Supervisors has no legal concern with the reassessment procedure. After the conclusion of the reassessment process, and during the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget cycle process, the Board of Supervisors will exercise its duty to set the tax rates for real estate, personal property, etc. for the fiscal year budget, and the real estate tax rate is contingent on the values set by the assessors.

This is the schedule of the Board of Equalization.

If you have questions or concerns about your assessment, you should contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at 434-969-4972 or visit

Click here to learn more information on understanding real estate assessment values and the process. Also, you can refer to the Code of Virginia for more information at

Working hard for Broadband and high speed internet

Buckingham County has partnered with the Center for Innovative Technology’s Virginia Commonwealth Connect Broadband Team to work toward having more residents connected to high speed internet. This is a step in the right direction and one that I campaigned on and advocated for, toward empowering more residents, school children, and business owners to have the access they need to internet that will allow them to study and research, do business and sell products, and connect with each other.

In addition, Buckingham County has joined forces with the Virginia Local Broadband Network. This initiative is intended to serve as a platform for local broadband leaders to communicate, share strategies, and work with the Governor’s broadband team directly. I thank county staff for their hard work in pursuing these options.

I very much enjoyed meeting with representatives of the St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary during the Buckingham Chamber of Commerce meeting this week.

CRC Project Updates

I am very proud to represent Buckingham County on the Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) as a voting member of the council and its treasurer. We met Wednesday morning in Farmville to discuss project updates, planning activities, grant applications, and other regional matters.

The CRC provides a variety of technical and program services to member local governments. They include grant application assistance, management services for program implementation, development/update of Comprehensive Plans, transportation planning, and land mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) services.   

With the CRC’s direct assistance, the Town of Dillwyn is under contract with the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for an awarded grant for a housing rehabilitation project. The two remaining homes as part of this grant funded project, will be put to bid once all inspections and ownership has been resolved. Also, as part of Dillwyn’s Phase IV Extended/Phase V of its VDOT funded Streetscape Project, once cost estimates have been worked out, the revised work plans and cost estimate will be submitted to VDOT for approval to advertise the project.

Route 60 Closure

I’d like to give a big hand, thank and commend Central Virginia Maintenance and Pipeline Services, Transco Pipeline, VDOT, our local and state law enforcement, and others involved in getting the pipeline that crosses Route 60 at Whispering Creek completed so soon this month. Despite heavy rain, crews worked around the clock, literally 24 hours a day, to get the job done and on time! Many thanks to them for their hard work.

Census Information

Survey regarding small business spaces

Attention all small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, craftspeople, and creatives. Mid-Atlantic Broadband and GoVirginia need community input on proposed innovative office space in Southern Virginia.  Those who take the survey have the option to remain anonymous or to be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card. The survey is available exclusively online at  This study is designed to gauge whether or not there is a need for additional coworking and makerspaces, the spaces’ desired offerings, and also the amount people would be willing to pay as a member or occasional user of such a space.  This region-wide study of market demand for coworking and makerspaces is being conducted by The Institute for Service Research, a full service market research and economic modeling firm with extensive experience in Southern Virginia. The study is part of a larger innovation and entrepreneurship strategy being developed by Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC) and Longwood University supported by funding by GO Virginia Region 3.  MBC and Longwood are urging people who plan to relocate or who currently work or live in the Southern Virginia Tobacco Region to complete the survey. The region includes Buckingham County. 

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