We’ve got a busy meeting coming up on NOT MONDAY, BUT ON Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020 at 6 p.m. in the Peter Francisco Board Room in the County Administration Complex on U.S. Route 60. I hope you will consider attending in person (though there are restrictions on the number of people who can attend), via phone, or via YouTube. Here is a link to the full Board Packet: http://buckinghamcountyva.org/Board%20Packets/2020/oct%2013%202020%20bos%20pckt.pdf.

You can click here to watch our meeting live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmbZ8SPVBk0, you can email publiccomments@buckinghamcounty.virginia.gov to submit public comment, or call 434-969-5039 to offer verbal, recorded public comment.

Public Hearings Regarding Zoning Changes

In terms of business we have before us, we have eight public hearings, ranging from zoning (special use permit, etc.) cases, a proposed zoning text amendment that will allow core sampling after a special use permit is issued, and amending our FY20-21 budget to allow for the approximately $3 million in CARES Act Funding, the sale of the former Gold Hill School to a new business enterprise, and the proposed noise ordinance revisions.

Regarding the Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) that would allow core sampling for commercial use in Agricultural Zoned District with a special use permit, this comes as a result of an existing, non-compliant use in that specific area and on two specific parcels on Warminster Church Road where some core sampling has already taken place. Activity has ceased as this is not a permitted use in an Agricultural District.

I have spoken to the landowners, community members in that area, Aston Bay Holdings, and others, and I am continuing to gather information on this topic.

If the ZTA is approved, it would be a use with a special use permit (which comes with hearings and recommendations from the Planning Commission). I want to be clear that this hearing on Tuesday is not one that will allow Aston Bay Holdings to core sample as they still have to apply for a Special Use Permit if we approved the ZTA. So, voting for the ZTA does not mean Aston Bay has a Special Use Permit to core sample. They are two different processes.

County Assuming EMS Duties and Services

We are also going to consider several actions to continue the progress in fully assuming the roles and responsibilities of providing emergency medical services to county residents, including contracting with Delta Response Team (DRT) to provide EMS services through June 2022, along with hiring our own Basic Life Support staff to run calls in the county, which would be a county-manned 12-hour crew. Much of the funding for this new venture has come from good budgeting and CARES Act Funding.

CARES Act Funding For Small Businesses Hurt By COVID-19

We also have great news regarding our CARES Act-funded grant awards to several small businesses in the county, which were recommended by the Buckingham Small Business Assistance Committee, which I proudly served on. The IDA agreed to allocate our recommendation of $60,000 in CARES Act Funding to nine small businesses that demonstrated a qualified need for assistance.

I am proud of all of our small businesses for continuing to weather the storm that COVID-19 has created.

Proposed Noise Ordinance

Here is a copy of the proposed revised Noise Ordinance that we are holding a public hearing on: http://buckinghamcountyva.org/Docs/County%20Admin/Noise_Ordinance.pdf. As I have said in the past, I appreciate the many comments I have received regarding the changes, which have been almost unanimously opposed to the measure. I voted against holding a public hearing on the ordinance because of concerns over the restriction on gun shooting and other unenforceable and unnecessary conditions, and I will vote against the ordinance as it currently reads. While I believe in the necessity of a noise ordinance to protect residents’ rights and peace, these revisions are unnecessary and unreasonable.

If you want to register your opinion on this ordinance, you can attend our meeting (following social distancing guidelines), e-mail publiccomments@buckinghamcounty.virginia.gov to submit public comment, or call 434-969-5039 to offer verbal public comment.

The news of the closure of Sentara’s Buckingham Family Medicine has caused profound disappointment in our community.  We’ve met with leaders of Sentara and are making little headway. We are scheduled to meet with them again next week. Not only is it disheartening to lose a health care provider during a worldwide pandemic, and when our community is suffering from a shortage of healthcare providers, but it’s also upsetting that eight jobs will be lost or relocated to another county.  I would implore those who want to see this facility kept open to sign our petition at https://forms.gle/4effNAkFVTzXBnfD8.

Please Contact Me!

PLEASE always feel more than welcome to call, email, text or visit me (using social distancing for the time being). If you have any comments, ideas, criticisms, compliments, or anything to say regarding my representing you on the Buckingham Board of Supervisors, please get in touch with me. You can call/text me at 434-390-7023, email me at jmiles@buckinghamcounty.virginia.gov, or come see me at 13170 W. James Anderson Highway in the court house village. I would be pleased and happy to hear from you anytime.

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