As you know, last summer, we learned that Sentara/Buckingham Family Medicine would be closing in October after the practice operated for decades, keeping generations of Buckingham residents healthy with trusted medical guidance.

Sentara agreed to delay the closure for two months, until December 23, but that was not enough for the people of Buckingham County.

On a weekly basis since then, we have worked with Sentara in requesting them to gift the County the building and land of the former medical practice.

As I said last summer, “Sentara owes it to the people of Buckingham County to compromise. That’s all we’re asking, compromise. Meet us halfway.”

Through our tireless negotiations with Sentara, namely with Dr. Bruce D. Clemon, whom we appreciate a great deal for his hard work, Sentara is set to donate the building of the former practice and property to the county for the purposes of enhancing our community, and we want to seek another medical provider in Buckingham to continue to take care of our friends, family, and neighbors. We are in the legal negotiations of this now.

As I said last summer, “the people of Buckingham deserve to have healthcare options in this county…to us, it’s a no-brainer that we need options here. There’s 17,000 some odd people in this county and we’re going to have one doctor’s office. In 1920, a hundred years ago, we had more doctor’s offices than we do now and it’s 2020.”


This is huge step for all of us in Buckingham in attracting another medical provider to our county.

The Central Virginia Community Health Services is to be applauded and acknowledged for taking on so many new clients and expanding their services during this time of transition. We also thank Dr. Mueller and the staff at the facility for their hard work and dedication to our community.

Nearly 2,000 people signed the petitions we circulated to seek to keep the facility open. More than 50 people gathered in September for the Chamber of Commerce’s March for Medical Care.

Many are to be applauded for this great win for Buckingham, namely, the patients and those who have relied in Buckingham Family Medicine for so long, the staff and doctors there, Sentara and their leadership, the leaders of the Buckingham County Chamber of Commerce, and, finally, Rebecca S. Carter, our County Administrator, who suggested early on that Sentara gift the county the building and land.

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