Welcome to The Maysville Voice, the newsletter for those who reside and vote in the Maysville District in Buckingham County. I am pleased to bring you lots of information, links, and resources to inform and engage with you as your County Supervisor. This newsletter is filled with lots of resources and information for our upcoming Monday, April 18, 2022 Board Meeting. This meeting is on the third Monday of the month instead of the second Monday because of the adopted budget calendar change.  

***Please note that this newsletter has much information on the proposed 114-acre mixed use housing and industrial development being proposed on property owned by the county known as the county industrial park, which lies behind Wingo Road, around the Central Virginia Christian School and John Deere Store, and along LeSueur Street. I want to hear from you on this issue so please give me your opinion on this matter!***

We also will be considering and possibly taking action and considering the following items: A public hearing on our upcoming $63 million 2022-23 Fiscal Year Operating Budget (no tax rate increases in proposed budget), introduction of a Special Use Permit at 257 Sprouse’s Lane requesting use for a sawmill (this is off of Route 20 across from the Prison), an appointment to the Planning Commission representing District Three, and scheduling a public hearing for the new VDOT Six Year Secondary Road Improvement Plan. We will also be hearing from our auditor, Architectural Partners regarding the Courthouse Project, Davenport and McGuire Woods regarding refunding two Rural Development Bonds, and a presentation of a resolution in memorial for the late Planning Commissioner and Commission Chairman Pat Bowe.

Our upcoming Board of Supervisors regular meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 18, 2022, in the Peter Francisco Board Room in the County Administration Complex on Route 60. I encourage you to attend to learn more about your County Government and how your tax dollars are spent. If you’re unable to attend in person, you can view our meeting live here: https://youtu.be/TDuVuDWskvo.

Here is a link to our agenda and full Board Packethttps://buckinghamcountyva.org/administration/boards___commissions/board_of_supervisors/board_agenda_minutes_youtube.php. Should you have any questions or concerns about anything contained in the
packet or on the agenda, please reach out to me. My contact information is below at the end of this newsletter.

Public Comments may be made in person by using the following method:  In person Public Comments must sign up to speak.  Sign up times are 5:30 p.m. to 5:55 p.m.

When you speak, please state your name, district, address, and which hearing you are commenting on. The three (3) minute rule will apply to public comments.

Update on Proposed 114-acre Mixed Use (Housing and Business) Proposal

First, I ask that you read this carefully and in its entirety. This information is according to the developer and county documents. Again, I REALLY want to hear from you on this proposal.

The Board of Supervisors is considering the sale and potential development (by a private corporation, Atlantic Investment Corp.) of 114 acres of the 136.438 acre county-owned industrial park. Before anything substantial happens, the Board must hold a public hearing on the sale of the property as it is owned by the County. If that passes, the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors must also hold hearings on rezoning the property, so there is ample time for public comment. I checked the value of that property recently with the Commissioner of the Revenue, and the 136 acres is assessed currently at $682,200. The land has been owned by the county for about 20 years and it has brought very little business to that property and has stayed off of the tax rolls.

The developer wishes to develop the property for about 124 town homes and about 23 single family dwellings, along with commercial and light industrial lots in the southwestern portion of the property. There is some question as to how much it costs the local government to educate a school aged child and I am verifying those figures and will report back.

Ted Lloyd, Principal with Atlantic Investments Corp., invited the Board and Planning Commission, and the public, to an informational, informal meeting on Monday at the Community Center at 6 PM. There was much new information presented and many good questions from the public. I will touch on this later.

According to the developer, as the project stands, if approved, he notes he will add $30 million of value to the tax base within five years from closing on the property. This is, in part, according to the sale price of both the single family homes and town houses. As to the county incentivizing the project, if $15 million of value is added to the tax base within five years from closing, the county will abate the $6,000 per acre sale of the property by $3,000 per acre. Taxes for five years on the developer will be the based taxes for the property without improvements. This will only be for the developer. As property is sold, the property will be taken at full assessed value.

The developer will be responsible for building internal roads to state specifications and having them accepted into the VDOT system. The County will have VDOT accept the current road into the state system, and at the end of year five, all roads will be state maintained (VDOT) roads.

During Lloyd’s presentation on Monday, he noted that the single family houses would be built first. If this is not successful, he noted he would transition the project into an older adult/retirement community. If Phase One is successful, he noted he would move to Phase One of constructing the townhouses in the property closest to Central Virginia Christian School. Starting in this phase, roads built to state specs would be constructed, and the developer would be working on preparing the commercial areas of the project, as described above. If phases Two and Three of building the townhouses is successful, the developer would then move to developing the Home Owners Association-operated tennis course, pool, and recreation center — only if 50 percent of the housing capacity has been met.

No lots will be sold as speculative investments to individuals or builders. Performance criteria and deed restrictions will apple, including HOA restrictions. Strict building minimums and front elevation standards will apply to all homes.

“As a result of the Knights Valley subdivision, new businesses will emerge to serve the public at large. These include personal services, eating establishments … Current business establishments will see an increase in demand for their services or project lines.”

According to the developer, a townhome could be sold at a price point between $250,000-350,000. A home could sell at $425,000.

Regarding traffic, which I have concerns about, among many other ramifications of this project, there would be a new road coming out on Wingo Road with two access points along Route 15, and a road that currently is used by the Christian School. Another road, he noted, would be built to the left of the John Deere store potentially to allow for ease of traffic in and out of the area in question.

In terms of housing standards, there would be 1,800 minimum of livable square footage, excluding garages. No above ground pools would be permitted, and junk cars would be banned, again, all in accordance of Home Owners Association (HOA) rules. No mobile homes and doublewides are allowed. All homes must be built on a poured, permanent cement foundation. Block will only be accepted on a case by case basis. Gravel to the homes doors or garage will not be permitted, homes will have not less than a 25-foot poured concrete or paver driveway adjoining the home. Vinyl facades will be approved on a case by case basis—a consistent aesthetic appeal is desired throughout the proposed development. Brick and high-end composite facades are preferred. Façade colors will be limited by the HOA and approved before building. Also, modular homes will be scrutinized for quality and appeal and approved on a case by case basis.

There is ample room for water and sewer capacity to handle what is being proposed.

The developer provided the following during his presentation:

  • More than $30 million will be added to the real estate tax base.
  • Applying the money multiplier with the new residents, expenditures will generate $2.8 million in new business revenue within five miles of the new homes.
  • No subsidized housing or Section 8 Housing is being built at this location.
  • The development is a planned community with a HOA for governing and managing its own internal affairs.
  • The swimming pool, clubhouse, and possible tennis courts belonging to Knights Valley resident and managed by the Knights Valley HOA is a private facility.  A majority of residents can decided to allow public use of those facilities.
  • “Motor Vehicle flow will have enhanced throughways for ingress and egress upon completion of the project.”

Also, there has been much discussion about the temporary tractor pull space off Wingo Road. The 2019 approved hotel on Wingo Road near the Rescue Squad building — which is a totally sperate issue, is the reason for moving that tractor pull location, not this proposed mixed use development. The county is working with the Buckingham Fire Fighters Association on securing a new location for the pull.

Red Road to be Hard Surfaced by June 1

According to VDOT, Red Road, which is not half hard surfaced, will ALL be fully hard surfaced by June 1. Much work, including widening and graveling and ditching has been completed on the road, which is seeing many new homes and families moving in. While the road is scheduled to be completed by June 1, next week VDOT crews will continue to work on stone and drainage.

Bridge Road (Route 644) is Temporarily Closed

Route 644 – Road closing. Motorists should expect d­elays due to a bridge rehab project on Route 644 in Buckingham County. Route 644 (Bridge Road) will be temporarily closed from Route 24 (Mt. Rush Hwy) to Route 638 (Dixie Hill Road). Road closure is scheduled to begin March 28, 2022 and is planned until May 06, 2022. VDOT says this bridge currently only has a rating of fair.  This project will fix deficiencies and ultimately keep the bridge from having to become posted with weight restrictions.

Anti-Litter Task Force Campaign Prepares to Kick-Off!

Please consider helping clean up OUR COMMUNITY!

Grant Opportunity for Houses of Worship

Houses of worship (churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, etc.) 

are invited by Virginia Department of Health to apply for 

·        up to $20,000 or as little at $1000 for program(s) that 

·        address social determinants of health as they relate to COVID-19 health disparities, 

·        with special interest in applicants with programs that will serve racial and ethnic minority groups, and rural communities

The Virginia Partners in Prayer & Prevention (Virginia P3) programming made available through the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Health Equity facilitates partnerships between marginalized communities, faith and interfaith organizations and the state public health agency. This programming focuses on building a community infrastructure for wellness and health equity. VAP3 collaborative approach supports the establishment and strengthening of faith and interfaith consortia in engaging upstream prevention (the social determinants of health) as well as primary and secondary prevention activities to better the health of their respective congregations and communities.* Virginia Partners in Prayer & Prevention programming serves to broaden the scope of prevention on several key public health issues disproportionately impacting underserved and marginalized communities.

*What does ‘upstream prevention’ and ‘social determinants of health’ mean?  

These are needs in the community that are not being met, or not being met completely, that can lead to poor health including Covid infections.  There are many ‘upstream’ issues and ‘social determinants’.  Some examples might be:

low literacy: so  a faith group might consider seeking funding to offer literacy programs in their congregation (perhaps as part of a summer Bible School, or a family reading program, etc)

·        lack of empowerment to seek better health: so a faith group might consider seeking funding to have a series to learn how their faith tradition promotes concern for health, family health, community health

·        poor access to health information: so a faith group might consider seeking funding to bring health providers – e.g. a series of Sabbath suppers, etc –  into the congregation to talk about health issues

·        and many more ideas.   The best ideas are the ones you know are needed or can work well in your faith community and local community! 

Learn more at the website linked – 

Visit eva.virginia.gov to review 

RFA 2022-02-OHE 

and find additional guidance for applicants.

If any prospective applicant has questions about the specifications or other application documents, the prospective applicant should contact the Program officer indicated below no later than Wednesday, April 20, 2022 (COB).  

Veronica Cosby, VAP3 Program Manager, Email: Veronica.cosby@vdh.virginia.gov, Phone:(804) 864-7361

If any prospective applicant has questions about the specifications or other application documents, the prospective applicant should contact the Program officer indicated below no later than Wednesday, April 20, 2022 (COB).  

Taxes due on Friday, and Please get your County Sticker!

Please don’t forget to file your federal and state income taxes, and to purchase your $25 county sticker, which is purple this year. This sticker allows you unlimited access into all of our solid waste sites to dispose of household waste, along with recyclables and construction debris and donated clothing in the blue boxes.

Contact Me

As always, if I can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call or text me at 434-390-7023, email me at jmiles@buckinghamcounty.virginia.gov, or visit me at 13170 West James Anderson Highway, Buckingham Court House Village on Route 60.

Humbly serving you,


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  1. I have concerns about the cost of the proposed housing as it relates to occupations in the area and Buckingham residents that can afford to live there. Those housing market prices are similar to those in Albemarle which is much higher than Richmond or Lynchburg. I can understand the upgrade this would bring to the area but I do not see it benefiting Buckingham residents.
    There are more affordable housing options that should be investigated that would possibly benefit the area and bring some of the millennials back to the county, because housing is a big issue especially when you think about new teachers, that we desperately need, coming to the area; however, they will not be able to afford a $325,000 home on a new teacher’s salary.


  2. Based on past experience, a majority of current board members, have their agendas and minds made up beforehand so you are wasting your breathe if you are against their ambitions. For example, a Campbell County Board member spoke at a recent Board Meeting voicing his concerns over the 2000 acre proposed solar farm for Northern Buckingham (he pleaded with the Board not to move forward with the project based on his counties first hand negative experience with the company) and the board in a vote of 5 to 4 approved it. Chairman Miles voted yes!

    Additionally, at the meeting numerous residents pleaded to put the vote on hold, develop a county renewable energy plan FIRST, address why the company stopped just shy of federal regulations, etc. and the Board voted to immediately move forward.

    In my option, their focus is on tax revenue which is important but they losing sight on sustainability, values and what’s best for Buckingham’s residents.

    In response to the earlier post, not just educators can afford the housing. A quick Google search found in 2018 the median household income in Buckingham was 46,261. My thought they are attempting to attract commuters. Once again another “project” not for their residents they were elected to represent.


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