The Maysville Voice: Upcoming Monday, March 13, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting; Special/Emergency Called Electoral Board Meeting; Route 56 Solid Waste Site Closed Temporarily, Broadband Updates; Virtual Town Hall Meeting; and More!

Welcome to The Maysville Voice, the newsletter for those who reside and vote in the Maysville District in Buckingham County. I am pleased to bring you much information, links, and resources to inform and engage with you as your County Supervisor.

Some topics we will be considering or hearing about during our meeting on this Monday include: a 5 PM work session of the Board with VDOT regarding our Six Year Road Improvement Plan; budget presentations from Jaunt, Inc., FLIPP; and Warriors First, Inc.; and three zoning case introductions regarding a rezoning request from Olympia Moore for business for commercial use (which I intend to fully support), a zoning map amendment from agricultural to business for commercial towing use, and a special use permit for purpose of operating a private school; and presentations from the Virginia Cooperative Extension and the James River Boys and Girls Club. We will be setting public hearings for these three cases for next month, April.

🚨 ⏰ ‼️ REMINDER: The Buckingham County Electoral Board will hold an emergency/special called meeting Friday, March 10, 2023 at 3 PM at the Agricultural Center on Route 60. Please attempt to attend. Read more below.

Our upcoming Board of Supervisors regular meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 13, 2023 in the Peter Francisco Board Room in the County Administration Complex on Route 60. Our VDOT work session will begin at 5 PM. I encourage you to attend to learn more about your County Government and how your tax dollars are spent. If you’re unable to attend in person, you can view our meeting live here:

Here is a link to our agenda and full Board Packet Should you have any questions or concerns about anything contained in the packet or on the agenda, please reach out to me. My contact information is below at the end of this newsletter.

Public comments may be made in person during three minute increments. You must sign up before our meeting to speak.

Special/Emergency Called Electoral Board Meeting set for Friday, March 10, 2023 at 3 PM at The Agricultural Center–PLEASE ATTEND!

First, I ask you to be on attention tomorrow, Friday, following the special called Electoral Board meeting, regarding the “vetting of the new Electoral Board members” by the Chair of the Republican Party of Buckingham. I will be issuing a special statement and releasing information tomorrow on that subject. You can view that statement on and on The Farmville Herald, CBS 6, and NBC 29 are aware of this impending statement.

At any rate, yet again, in the normal “new” Buckingham Electoral Board style, a drastic change has been made to the agenda of the Friday 3 PM meeting of the Electoral Board. As of last night, their agenda had personnel and legal consultation being discussed in open session. Tonight, these topics are now listed are as being in closed session. It is common for bodies to find a late need to enter into closed session, but not remove open session items and placing them into closed session. Now the Electoral Board is set to hold two closed sessions: one before and one during the meeting, and having moved open session agenda items to closed session, which I found puzzling. What does the Electoral Board have to suddenly hide? I find this very disturbing seeing that this meeting has been thrown together in haste, and causing much confusion, under a cloud of perceived deceit and heightened awareness of their track record of bad governance (their public comment policy has been change three times since January, and quite honestly, I look for it to change again soon). Again, the meeting has been called for Friday, tomorrow, at 3 PM at the Agricultural Center on Route 60 in Buckingham at the call of the Board Secretary. Please attend if you care about free and fair elections and good governance from our Electoral Board. These sudden changes are bad governance.

The Farmville Herald requested a statement from me regarding the potential firing of the Voter Registrar:

“An Electoral Board must show cause to fire a Registrar before the end of their four-year term.   By collecting all of these so-called ‘incident reports’ on Election Day, a small faction is trying to show cause to fire the Registrar, make no mistake about it, with no legitimate reason. They are saying that the reason there were so many ‘incidents’ on Election Day is because the Registrar did not train the officers of election properly and did not follow the law properly. However, most if not all of those ‘incidents’ are totally bogus. This faction is trying to fabricate reasons to remove integrity from our elections process when, in fact, until January, we had smooth, open elections and Electoral Board meetings. There are several of us who can refute most if not all of these junk claims, but with public comment having been shut down and limited by the Electoral Board, it’s hard to do that. In fact, the Registrar has received stellar performance appraisals from the prior Electoral Board and a letter of support and commendation from the Board of Supervisors. It’s an injustice for a person who is doing a stellar job by practically everyone’s standards, and abiding by state law, to be verbally attacked, accused of wrongdoing, harassed, lied to and lied about, and whose job has been put in jeopardy. That is just plain wrong.”

Route 56 Solid Waste Site Closed Temporarily

The Route 56 Solid Waste Site is closed for the time being due to the County laying concrete at the site, removing the annoyance of white rock, gravel and dust. Please use the Dillwyn Recycling Center until this project is complete, which is slated for re-opening of March 17, 2023. Please be patient as we improve that space!

Broadband Update!

Regarding Project RISE as a middle mile broadband project for Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Dominion is evaluating these areas. Rest assured, the project is still a go. Middle mile construction would most likely begin in these areas in early 2025, however that date could change based on crew availability, material availability, permitting, and a multitude of other factors, according to Dominion.

These projects in the Cumberland and Buckingham areas are currently in the scoping phase. Dominion is evaluating their existing overhead infrastructure and collaborating with Firefly to determine the best possible route for their fiber optic cable.

I am so thankful for Dominion, CVEC, and Firefly for investing in our communities.

In Other News…

📲VDOT is picking up from west of the Courthouse Village toward Route 56 and the intersection to the bridge on 56!

📲The Courthouse Renovation and Repair Committee met this week to consider bidding out work to rehab moisture and other issues in the old portion of the courthouse. I am proud to serve on that committee.

📲 The Board is awaiting VDOT input regarding permanent speed readers for the Court House Village! This will prove efficient in traffic calming for our community.

📲The Anti-Litter Task Force will soon meet to discuss our upcoming Spring Cleanup Campaign! If you are interested in serving, email me at I am proud to lead that committee.

📲The Economic Development Committee met this week! You will learn more about that during our Monday Board meeting. I am proud to co-chair that committee.

📲 In case you missed it, we recently held our first quarter 2023 Maysville Voice Town Hall meeting as a pop-up, virtual meeting! You can view that meeting here. I would appreciate your input:

Contact Me!

Should you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or opinions about this newsletter, county government, services, opportunities, etc., please never hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at 434-390-7023 via text or phone, email me at, or write me at PO Box 188, Buckingham, Virginia 23921.


Thomas Jordan Miles III

Member, Buckingham County Board of Supervisors

District Four Supervisor (Maysville)

13170 West James Anderson Highway 

PO Box 188 

Buckingham, Virginia 23921

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