Here is a link to our first town hall meeting which was held on Tuesday, just in case you missed it: Our first town hall was loaded with lots of information! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Increasing Rescue Coverage In Response to COVID-19

Buckingham County Administration’s Office of Emergency Management will be placing into service an additional staffed ambulance for the duration of the COVID-19 growth and peak pandemic phases. This ambulance will be staffed by basic life support personnel, stationed at the Glenmore Rescue Squad station, beginning Monday, April 6, 2020.  

While this additional staffing is being put into service in anticipation of an excessive call volume due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we urge Buckingham citizens to only call 911 for true emergencies.

Remember that the most effective means of protecting yourself and those around you are;

• Hand and surface hygiene to include washing your hands

• Social distancing (6 feet or more)

• Avoiding close contact with groups of ten or more

• Avoiding touching your face,

• Avoiding others who are sick

• Respecting Virginia’s STAY HOME ORDER

We also encourage you to remain up to date on COVID-19 information by visiting the following websites:

• VDH COVID-19 website:

• CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 website:

• Contact the VDH Call Center at 1-877 ASK VDH3.

New Format For Public Hearings

The Board of Supervisors’ will hold four public hearings on Monday, April 13, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. They will regard the values of the reassessment of real property, the proposed tax rates, the proposed $57 million fiscal year 2020-2021 budget, and a USDA grant for equipment for the new library.

Additional Updates

Here are some articles from The Farmville Herald covering some of our actions.

— As you know, I am opposed to the effective tax rate increase. You can read more about my stance and full statement on the proposed tax rates and budget here: *

— Please note that I voted against the motion to suspend all public comment during regularly-held Board meetings as the county has the means and technology to allow you to submit public comment during meetings. It is important to me that your voice be heard and part of the record of our meetings. This does not mean that public hearings are suspended. *

— This week, Cody Davis, our Emergency Manager for the county, offered this information during our Special Board Meeting. Please practice social distancing, stay home as much as possible, and keep your hands clean and don’t touch your face! *

Continuity of Learning For Our Students

In response to a constituent’s inquiry, please see the following from Division Superintendent Dr. Daisy Hicks regarding continuity of learning for Buckingham County Public Schools. Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope you are well. In response to your email, we are mailing distance learning packets to the students for continuity of learning during this early school closure.

We mailed out the first learning packet on Monday, March 30, and we will plan to do a second mailing around mid-April. Teachers are making contact with students/families periodically to answer any questions they may have relating to the learning packets and to just check in with their students.

Unfortunately, like many other rural area school divisions, we were unable to provide online distance learning opportunities for our students since we have limited broadband/internet access. Even though there are some families who may have access to the internet, we had to continue to consider equity during this time.

We are continuing to provide weekly meals for students by distributing meals to students at three locations throughout the county (Centenary United Methodist Church, Gold Hill Elementary School, and Buckingham Middle School) twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 12noon-2pm.

For those who need to register for PreSchool, PreSchool applications can be printed from our website or parents may contact us at 434-969-6100 and we will mail them an application. We are asking that the completed application and a copy of the required documents are mailed back to us. We will use this same process for Kindergarten registration.

Employees are encouraged to work from home and many of us are coming to the office at least two days a week to take care of the business that we can not do from home.

We are continuing to follow all the guidelines that we are receiving by the State Superintendent, Dr. James Lane, CDC, and the Governor. 

‘Connected in the Challenge’ by Angela Patterson-Jones

Here is a poem regarding what we all are going through by Angela Patterson-Jones, who lives in the Maysville District and is a school principal. I hope it brings you as much peace as it has brought me.


Who knew that COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, could make its presence known throughout the world and nation,

And, Oh! How it has caused great disruption and devastation!

Our normal schedules basically went away,

And all we could do was adjust and pray.

Businesses closed and as a result, some peoples’ jobs were gone and people could work no more,

What a shocking thing for everyone, especially for the low income and the extremely poor!

It is hard to believe that schools have closed for the rest of the academic year,

For parents, students, teachers, and administrators, this definitely created some anxiety and fear.

Divisions worked diligently to create a plan for students while they are out of school,

So they can still get meals, learn, and do creative things that are cool.

Sometimes in life, we are met with challenges that we may not understand,

It is during these times that we can come together and unite across this great land.

For if we already had a plan, would the result be the best?

There is tremendous growth and amazing results through each of life’s most difficult tests.

During this time, we are made to really reflect on our lives and the blessings we are given each day.

We should ask ourselves, “How will I be better from this crisis, when it all goes away?”

If we really are still, listen, and observe what is happening all around us each day,

Then, we would realize that, if we stay positive, we know that everything will be okay.

There is a repositioning that is taking place before our eyes,

Things are working out more than we can realize.

The family structure is being reconnected in an amazing pace,

And, we are being given such wonderful grace.

The nation is able to see just how much work teaching is all about,

Educators are to be appreciated frequently and they deserve a big shout out!

For our children, they are able to experience some interest-based projects like never before,

For those that don’t perform well on standardized testing, this may enable their learning to soar!

Everyone is learning to look at things differently, wherever they may be,

A great plan is at work in our nation, just wait and see!

Through it all, we must remember this:

Our love and compassion for one another must continue when the devastation has ended,

We will be a much better community, state, nation, and world that is truly blended.

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