First, I’d like to offer our 2020 graduates of Buckingham County High School congratulations on earning their diplomas and other accolades. Please know that, despite your not having a traditional school year or graduation exercise, your community is so proud of what you have done and what you’re going to do, whether you’re headed to a trade school, college, work, or you’re unsure of what’s next. Congratulations again!

Public Comment During Meetings Reinstated

During our meeting Monday, we unanimously voted to allow public comment during all regularly scheduled board meetings. I opposed the previous motion to suspend public comment due to COVID-19 several weeks ago am proud to have offered the motion on Monday night to reinstate public comment during our meetings. What this means is that you will have the opportunity to offer comment via phone, email, and in writing, regarding issues important to you, whether it be tax rates, county government, services, etc. I believe this is a very equitable way to allow your voice to be heard as we continue under the provisions of COVID-19, and I’m proud to have helped lead the way in this effort.

Appointments to Anti Litter Task Force

On Monday, we made several appointments to the Buckingham Anti-Litter Task Force. We appointed Katherine Kenny (District-2), Sherrie Holbrook (D-4), Candice Dowse (D-4), Eddie Slagle, (D-3), Solid Waste and Recycling Supervisor Lyn Hill (D-3), and Mollie Throckmorton (D-4). We continue to seek volunteers to help us clean up Buckingham’s roadways, so if you’re interested, please contact me.

Revisions to FY 19-20 School Budget and Federal Aid

We approved the School Board’s request of transferring roughly $128,000 of categorical line item funds within their Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget. A majority of this money was requested to be moved due to their adjusted ADM, or Average Daily Membership of students (1,972.17). The final ADM adjustment increases the projected state funds by about $92,000. This also includes some federal grant adjustments and an adjustment to insurance revenue. According to The Farmville Herald, the division is set to receive about $580,000 in federal aid due to COVID-19.

Please make sure and keep up with what’s going on in our schools and the changes they’ve made to conform with the virus, visit

Federal Aid to County Government

Buckingham County government is set to receive roughly $1.5 million in federal aid via the CARES Act, passed by the U.S. Congress. This money currently has conditions attached that the money can only be spent for costs associated with the pandemic.  Currently, though changes could be made in Congress, this money cannot be used to recover  loss of county revenue due to COVID-19.

Honoring the Late Meade Anderson Garrett

During our meeting, we adopted a resolution in memoriam to honor the late Meade Anderson Garrett, who served as Sheriff’s Deputy for more than 30 years. He served the public well, and was loved by his family. We plan on presenting his family with the resolution at a later date.

Please Contact Me

PLEASE always feel more than welcome to call, email, text or visit me (using social distancing for the time being). If you have any comments, ideas, criticisms, compliments, or anything to say regarding my representing you on the Buckingham Board of Supervisors, please get in touch with me. You can call/text me at 434-390-7023, email me at, or come see me at 13170 W. James Anderson Highway in the court house village. I would be pleased and happy to hear from you anytime.

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