There’s been a lot of directional boring recently in certain parts of Buckingham County, along roadways and under driveways, resulting in orange conduit popping up. This is CenturyLink installing new fiber in our community — meaning faster internet — and most of it is being installed the Maysville District.

CenturyLink is burying fiber from Sprouses Corner down U.S. Route 15 and Andersonville Road and placing three new pieces of equipment to provide more access to broadband and faster internet.

Here are the new areas they’re in the process launching, hopefully by the end of September (could take longer as it is too early to tell an exact date):

  • Enonville (near intersection of Oak Hill and Andersonville),
  • Dixie Hill Rd just north of Andersonville Rd – we have some very slow speeds (~1.5 Mbps) to this area now and they will be able to get much faster speeds.
  • Andersonville Rd just north of Perkins Mill Rd.

I have been in discussion with CenturyLink about this project and I am very excited they are working to increase internet speeds in our district and county.

In late February, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative announced its expansion of broadband internet in Buckingham and many other counties with using a $28 million USDA ReConnect Grant. Buckingham has already and will see the first signs of expansion under this program.

This is great news for all of us here in Buckingham County and for CVEC’s customers and I am proud to support this great effort in getting high speed fiber optic broadband, not only to the Maysville District, but across Buckingham. This infrastructure will surely lead to more businesses locating here, more students able to complete research and do their homework more efficiently, more teleworking, and more growth overall in our county.

We are so grateful to CVEC, the USDA, our county staff, and everyone else who has worked so long and hard for this great milestone!

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