Gift Cards and Other Awards Will Be Given To Registrants Who Pick Up Most Trash

There is no “fooling” around on April 1, or any day in April and May this year when it comes to litter along Buckingham’s roadways.

The Buckingham Anti-Litter Task Force (BATF) is committed to help all citizens in Buckingham County take the roadside litter issue seriously and has initiated a Spring 2021 Roadway Cleanup Event, starting April 22nd.

The new Anti Litter Task Force has been meeting for months to prepare for the 2021 Spring Clean Up.

“’Don’t pass it up. Pick it up.’ I couldn’t express it any better,” said, Sherrie Holbrook, Committee Chairperson. “Our BATF committee, county citizens and government see a local and statewide issue and has chosen to ramp-up a pick-up initiative.”

Anti-Litter will provide orange bags. Prizes for those who pick up the most litter are eligible for Wal-Mart Gift Cards and other awards and prizes. VDOT will pick up the bags once filled.

“We are proud to see the community taking a stand to clean up Buckingham’s roadways,” said Maysville District Supervisor and Board of Supervisors’ Vice-Chairman Thomas Jordan Miles III, who also serves on the Anti-Litter Task Force. “We are going to work hard to keep all ends of our county beautiful while protecting our environment. Once the clean up momentum starts, I hope it will be contagious.”

Whether it is on social media or friendly hometown chit chat, the need to clean up county road side litter has been heard and soon there will be feet on the ground walking the roadways of Buckingham County with those famous VDOT orange bags in hand.

“We’re calling on all of our neighbors, churches, hunt clubs, friends, social clubs, and everyone who wants to see a cleaner Buckingham to grab a bag and pick up trash near them,” Miles said.

The Roadside Cleanup Event participation registration form will be available to print off the website below, or you can send an email request to . Registered pick up starts on April 22 and runs through May 13th.  There will be a Celebration Event on Saturday, May 15. More details will be found at:

The Anti-Litter Task Force is committed to help all citizens in Buckingham County have the opportunity to participate and have ownership in the attractiveness of their community. Feel free to contact committee members via emails listed on the online or printed brochure.

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Thomas Jordan Miles III

District Four Supervisor (Maysville)

13170 West James Anderson Highway

PO Box 188

Buckingham, Virginia 23921

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