Special Edition of The Maysville Voice: NAS Study Finds Regulatory System Cannot Properly Oversee Gold Mining in Virginia

Welcome to The Maysville Voice, a newsletter for those living in the Maysville District. I am pleased, as always, to bring you links, resources, and information about what’s going on in Buckingham County.

This special edition centers around a State Legislature-driven study of the impacts of gold mining in Virginia. Part of this process, which a report will reflect by Dec. 1 of this year, includes a study from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which is linked to below for your reading.

A reminder that our separate study by the State Committee studying impacts of a gold mine in the Commonwealth, which I serve on, will be held 9 am-3 pm Thursday, Nov. 3 at the Buckingham Community Center on U.S. Route 15 in Dillwyn. I encourage you to attend, if you are able.

The NAS study reports the following: “The report concludes that Virginia’s current regulatory framework, which typically addresses sand and gravel mining, is not adequate to address the potential impacts of commercial gold mining and lacks an adequate financial assurance system, which poses a fiscal and environmental risk to the Commonwealth.  Additionally, Virginia lacks opportunities for the public to be engaged in permitting processes and a modern system for review of environmental impacts from potential gold mining projects.”

The Farmville Herald requested a statement from me regarding the NAS Report:

“Upon a cursory review of the NAS Report’s conclusions and recommendations, and in reviewing the draft report that our Committee is finalizing, I am not surprised at the NAS’ conclusions. It is crystal clear that the Commonwealth does not have a regulatory system that effectively and consistently reviews and examines the environmental impacts of gold mining. Without such, the impacts on water, public health, air, soil, and the livelihoods of those living anywhere near a gold mine would prove to be detrimental and dangerous at best. 

As I also have mentioned numerous times, Virginia’s bonding requirements are far from sufficient from where they need to be to protect the environment, the community, and in the case of potential abandonment or bankruptcy of a mining enterprise, would leave the community to foot the bill. From performance standards, public engagement and environmental justice, financial assurances, and, most importantly, the human and environmental impacts of a gold mine, Virginia currently does not have what it takes to safely regulate a gold mine–it’s that simple. 

In the final draft report that our Committee will discuss on Thursday during our meeting, we will consider opportunities that localities in the Commonwealth have using their zoning ordinances specific to regulating uses and activities in certain zoning designations, which include the mining of gold.”



Virtual meeting info for Thursday:  

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Potential Impacts of Gold Mining In Virginia
Public Report Release Webinar
November 2 | 3:30PM – 4:30PM EDT

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